We Party with a Purpose
The Blossomland Pirates is a local club comprised of people who have joined together for great causes. In addition to being a social club, the Parrot Heads phlock together to perform charitable actions, donate their time and raise money or supplies for local non-profit organizations. Our club was chartered on June 24, 2014 and our members come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share a number of interests in common. They all are attracted to Jimmy Buffett's music and the laid-back, tropical lifestyle he embodies. More importantly, they have a strong desire to give something back to the community in which they live.  
Currently, t he club has 30+ members and we are always looking for more. If you have an interest in Jimmy Buffett, tropical rock music, helping your community, and having a phun time, then this is the group for you. Click on the "Application" tab to learn how to become a member.
The club holds meetings and social gatherings on a regular basis. Feel free to drop in on a meeting and check out what we do. We currently meet the second Tuesday of  the month at Coach's in Stevensville, MI. These meetings are held in Feb., April, May, July, Aug., Oct. and Nov. In March and June we have social and meeting are apt to be anywhere. In Sept. we hold our annual Beach Sweep at Lincoln Twp. Park. In Dec. we have our annual Christmas Phlocking.  (check Calendar for exact time and location). We'd love to have you join us in the spirit of friendship and community service.
Check the Calendar for details and come sail with us!!

Jackie Pantaleo, Web Site Author - Contact for information  or suggestions for postings on our site

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