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The Blossomland Pirates Parrot Head Club is one of over 220 clubs belonging to Parrot Heads in Paradise We are people who have joined together with the motto of "Party with a Purpose" This simply means that when we phlock together for a great cause or charity our goal is to enjoy what we do and in the end it's all done with the idea of making our corner of the world a little better.  All Parrot Head clubs are a social club who just happen to phlock together for charitable reasons. This can be to donate their time and raise money or help others in need.  Parrot Heads around the globe come from all walks of life and backgrounds, but they all share a number of interests in common. They all attracted to Jimmy Buffett's music and the laid-back, tropical lifestyle he embodies. More importantly, they have a strong desire to give something back to the community in which they live.  


Currently, the club has 30+ members and we are always looking for more. If you have an interest in the laid-back style, enjoy trop-rock music, helping your community, and having a phun time, then this is the group for you. Click on the "Application" tab to learn how to become a member.


The club holds meetings and social gatherings on a regular basis. Feel free to drop in on a meeting and check out what we do. Check here or our facebook page to see where and when we'll be phlocking next.  We'd love to have you join us in the spirit of friendship and community service.

Come and set sail with us!!

Board Members

Danielle Zebell, President (Captain)

Ted Zebell, Vice President (First Mate)

Larry Ward, Treasurer (Purser)

Karen Warsko, Secretary (Scribe)

Paul Pantaleo, Director (Bos'n) Founder

Members (the Crew)

Bonnie Anstey

Mitchel DeSantis

Scott Donohoe

Christopher Furnanski

Palee Haney

Dave Kribs

Fran Kribs


Charlene Matheny

Don Middlebrook*

Donita Monte

Heather Nimtz

Mike Nimtz

Maureen Oloffson

Scott Oloffson

Jackie Pantaleo*

Paul Pantaleo*

Karen Poly

Cheryl Schafer

Julie Serocki*

Jan Sexton

Jim Starks*

Laurie van Plew Acherberg*

Larry Ward*

Linda Ward*

Karen Warsko

Danielle Zebell

Dustin Zebell

Gina Zebell

Ted Zebell

Lynn Zelko

(* = Charter Members)

2002 Over $1.4 Million and 360,000 Volunteer Hours 
2003 Over $1.6 Million and 365,000 Volunteer Hours
2004 Over $2.2 Million and 405,000 Volunteer Hours
2005 Over $2.7 Million and 665.000 Volunteer Hours
2006 Over $2.6 Million and 173,000 Volunteer Hours
2007 Over $2.9 Million and 182,000 Volunteer Hours
2008 Over $3.1 Million and 175,000 Volunteer Hours
2009 Over $2.8 Million and 180,000 Volunteer Hours
2010 Over $2.9 Million and 215,000 Volunteer Hours
2011 Over $4.1 Million and 194,000 Volunteer Hours
2012 Over $3.5 Million and 193,000 Volunteer Hours
2013 Over $4.1 Million and   78,000 Volunteer Hours
2014 Over $3.3 Million and 372,000 Volunteer Hours
2015 Over $3.2 Million and 218,000 Volunteer Hours
2016 Over $3.4 Million and 190,000 Volunteer Hours
2017 Over $4.1 Million and 198,000 Volunteer Hours
2018 Over $3.4 Million and 211,000 Volunteer Hours
2019 Over $3.4 Million and 230,000 Volunteer Hours
2020 Over $1.3 Million and 101,000 Volunteer Hours  (Covid year)
2021 $1,876,776 raised and 112,078 Volunteer Hours
2022 $2,129,811 raised and 153,837 Volunteer Hours

Twenty Year total (since PHiP began keeping records) clubs have donated Over $62.3 Million and 4.773,837 Million Volunteer Hours. WOW

Blossomland Pirates Parrot Head Club contributions
2014   $   826 and 92 Volunteer Hours (chartered June 24, 2014)
2015   $2348 and 65 Volunteer Hours
2016   $4950 and 135 Volunteer Hours
2017   $3427 and 140 Volunteer Hours
2018   $7504 and 105 Volunteer Hours
2019   $4350 and 170 Volunteer Hours
2020   $5001 and 100 Volunteer Hours
2021   $1655 and 135 Volunteer Hours
2022   $5101 and 192 Volunteer Hours
2023   $5425 and 202 Volunteer Hours

Our club total is $40,587 and 1336 Volunteer Hours since 2014!

We're happy to have Don Middlebrook as a member of the Blossomland Pirates and serving as our club's #1 Trop Rocker.

Don is one of the premier Trop Rocker performers. He has written and performed across the country. Don has also won numerous awards and is well known for his contributions to assist clubs and other fund raising efforts. 

Check out his website  at to see what's going on in his entertainment schedule and more about his music offering.

Monthly Newsletter. This is published the first day (or so) of each month and distributed to all members via email. As many other clubs we have members spread over the country.  

A newsletter is the best means of communication that reaches everyone with the same information. 

Drop us a note with your email and we'll send you our latest copy.  

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