Blossomland Pirates of Southwest Michigan
What is a Parrot Head?
Parrot heads celebrate a social lifestyle of wanting to help others. When we gather, the margaritas will flow, but these parties have a purpose - to make the world a better place. We raise money, volunteer our time, while coming together for a great cause.
Thinking about joining our Phlock?
We are always accepting new members. If you have a tropical soul and want to 'Party with a Purpose' - come join our Phlock! Fill out a membership application under the "Join Us" tab, or contact for more information!

Who would have thought that this was our last social. 10 of us celebrating Margarita Day in February at El Rodeo. Since then Michigan has said no gatherings and everyone needs to stay at home! Soon (we hope) this will be behind us and we can start phlocking together and to 'Party with a Purpose' again. 


This Coronavirus (aka Bad Corona's) is a real P.I.A. We're supposed to be stuck at home and not socialize. We're a social club BUT we're also adaptable. 

Hopefully we can get back to normal soon but in the meantime let's just all try to behave and only go out when necessary and then in short trips. When we do venture out don't forget your mask! 


"If we weren't crazy, we'd all go insane" 

Be sure to visit the PHiP page ( and the Region calendar’s and see what your phellow clubs are up to. You’ll never be disappointed when visiting another clubs event. Parrot Heads will always welcome you with open arms, and a drink, to join them whenever they 'Party with a Purpose.'

Jackie Pantaleo, Web Site Author - Contact for information  or suggestions for postings on our site

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